Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Wonder of Wednesdays

Chirp, chirp! My alarm roused me at 6.00 am. I wanted to roll over and pull the covers closer. I could not, however. On a whim, before bed last night, I asked my friend to call me when she rose this morning at 6.15. I sat up and attempted to rid myself of the gravel lodged in my throat. After a brief call with Lyndi, I pushed myself out of bed. I was at the office to clean and mail things by 7.00 am. I was done by 8.30 am... This meant I had a whole Wednesday to invest as I pleased.

So, I worked on a letter, walked around town in jeans and a tank top (yes, it was in the 60s here today), talked with my parents, did some reading, and then spent the evening endeavouring to be industrious. Which is code for, 'making jam.' I made strawberry jam, and orange marmalade -- whilst watching three episodes of Larkrise to Candleford.

Unless you have extreme amounts of patience (or something that slices orange peels very fine in less time), marmalade should not be undertaken glibly. However, in the event that you have copious amounts of oranges -- and as much patience and determination -- you can find a great recipe here: Orange Marmalade. I converted everything to 'Merican' measurements, then decreased the water a bit and the sugar by a decent bit (it still sets, it's a bit more like jam than a hard marmalade).

And now I have a sink half full of dishes to wash before I can bury myself under my cosy covers...  Again. Wednesdays are rather wonderful, I do declare. :)

* I made 2-1/2 jars of marmalade with about 5 or 6 oranges... I used two giant oranges the last time, which made one pint. It reduces a good bit and takes a lot of work, but it is delicious! *

~ J


  1. Have a lovely birthday, canning one!

  2. A very merry Birthday to you, Jody! =)

  3. Why, thank you, my friends! I feel loved! :)