Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the Way

Near the end of the year I like to flip back through my journal to see what I have thought and prayed about over the year. Sometimes I wonder at the profound things I have jotted down and promptly forgotten. Other times I cringe at my juvenile attitude or way of handling relationships, et cetera. Last week I found an entry that ended with these words, "You never know what is already on its way from God."

What is already on its way from God? I cannot determine the events of the upcoming days of the year. I cannot see whether great gladness or great sorrow await me. Yet coming to the end of something often makes room for new beginnings. It is good look back to see what God has done, how He has provided and walked alongside us. 

We stand upon the cusp of a new year, realising that we do not know what is already on its way from God. It might be blessings from His hand, His hand holding ours through hard times, or His hand lifting us upon His shoulders during the hardest seasons of all.

I am glad that I cannot see what is ahead. I do not wish to live in dread of hard things to come, or in impatience for the good things. How kind of God to give us the strange and wonder-full place of living in the present. I do not know what God has already set in motion for this year, but I am thankful that He is good, come what may.

~ Johanna

*This post is a little late in being posted due to our internet connection being wonky last night, so I back-dated it. The 2 January post will be up soon.


  1. Happy New Year, Jody! :) Reading through the pages of your blog is inspiring and it makes me miss writing in mine as often as I used to. This must be fixed.

    Did you get my Christmas package? :)

  2. Noelle!

    I just received your package this week (when I returned to Colorado). Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am super excited about the tea (a delicious departure from my traditional black tea choices), and the mug wrap (is that the right term?) is lovely! A proper response to come - when I have caught up a few letters.

    I *do* hope you dust off your electronic pen and paper this year. I have missed your wisdom and observations on your delightful blog. Goodness, I have simply missed *you*.

    Much love,
    ~ Jody