Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last Friday I ordered a sushi mat and wooden spoon. In preparation for its arrival, I picked up some Nori (seaweed sheets), wasabi, cream cheese, cucumbers, and avocados at the grocery. All together (including the sushi mat), I spent about $12 for supplies to make ten rolls of sushi.

Today the mat arrived!

I made sushi rice. I sliced the veg. I hunted up my nice pair of chopsticks. I pulled out the wasabi and soy sauce. I rolled it on the sushi mat... And presto!

Oh the places one can go in the culinary world with combinations for sushi! Any suggestions for my next venture?

~ Johanna


  1. I highly recommend plain old cucumber. Not exciting (and probably very familiar), but the combination is unfailingly refreshing!

    I also highly recommend, if you can find it, using roasted, salted nori. I've been able to find the stuff in little packs in the ethnic sections of megamarts, labelled as a Korean snack. The textural difference and the intensity of taste is quite wonderful.

    1. Danielle! So good to hear from you, friend! Thank you for the tip about the flavoured Nori. I did see some of this in smaller sheets, so I might try it when I'm out of the regular kind.

      I believe I owe you an e-mail... I look forward to an update on life soon - which means I had better write soon, huh? ;)
      <3 J

    2. I owe YOU an email! I've been neglecting my inbox horribly. x_x Remedying soon, hoho!

  2. Yours sounds better than mine... I'm going to make some this week with cream cheese and leftover salmon. Glad you liked it! I've never heard of the roasted, salted nori, though. I don't think my grocery sells it.

  3. Danielle... Tell me about it, me too! I'm finally catching up with myself a little, though. ;)

    Reese, I think I saw this flavoured seaweed in a different aisle entirely in King Soopers/Kroger. It may have been the snack aisle or something seemingly unrelated. The sheets I saw were a lot smaller. Also, your idea of cream cheese with salmon sounds pretty tasty. What did you put in your most recent rolls?

    ~ J

  4. Most recent rolls were boring - zucchini, carrots, and avocado. Okay,so nothing with avocado is boring, but it's the only one I've made so far.