Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Culinary Fun

No one should have ever taught me how to make scones.

Cranberry orange scones, with a hint of ginger, made this afternoon. Note the tea kettle and teapot ready for use alongside those scones...

~ ~ ~

Baking isn't my area of expertise, or passion, however. I much prefer cooking. Last night I made roasted red pepper and garlic hummus (note my re-use of a hummus container for this project). God made the fruit in the background.

~ ~ ~

I also got a haircut and slightly different style yesterday, thanks to my dear friend Rebekah.

And just now three sweet friends (Colleen, Asha, and Caitlin) dropped in to sample my cooking - fun! I must be off to the airport to pick up my Lyndi-friend.

Until next time, I remain ever under the Mercy.

~ Johanna ~


  1. I am so very excited to see you Dear Friend! I'm not sure what my schedule will be the first few days that I'm in town, but I will let you know. Mom and I drive in on the 4th and I have to check in on the 5th.

  2. Wow, those look like they'd blast the plate of store-bought scones currently on my desktop tea tray right out of the water... ^_^ I'm glad your baking endeavor was met with such success!

  3. Aww Jody I miss you, and your scones, tea, and words warmed my heart.

  4. Lizzy Beth, no worries! Whenever you manage some free time I would love to catch up with you. If you need any help with anything let me know! Can't wait for you to be my 'neighbour' of sorts. :)

    Andrew! Sometimes store-bought has to do. Especially since prep, clean-up, and baking took about an hour. There are pros and cons - but home made tastes pretty delicious! ;)

    Hannah! I was thinking about you this very evening. I miss you, too! Do you have any plans to be in Colorado any time soon? *Grins*

    ~ J