Thursday, April 14, 2016

O Stellar Beau

I looked into the sky last night
   with upturned, amorous eye,
              to catch a glimpse of the Hunter
           who treads the Winter sky.

There he was in all his might,
            I gazed quite long upon the sight
                     of his stately form and arcing bow,
                          his star-studded belt shone bright.

I tromped on, past bend and tree,
     to find the Hunter, peering at me!
O, it made my heart quiver
                  with a hope that anyone could see.

Alas, alas! We are lovers, star-crossed
in the truest sense—he is all star
                 and I am all alight with love from afar,
                  love that even distance cannot mar.

How marvellous that he has trod
          the great dance steps—none forgot,
             no falter of his magnificent form
                      on the waltz floor breathed by God.

Across the sky the Hunter sings,
      a silver star-song to the Pleiades,
       to the fairest sister of them all;
                        thus, the Winter sky with music rings.

Ever valiant his bow keeps at bay
Taurus, the bully of the fray,
               and so they dance, one Winter sky
                    to the next—half the world away.

He's sinking Westward more each night,
my longing heart can only sigh,
                        aching with dreams of the starry Hunter,
                             until once again his crescent bow I spy
                  rising up in the Winter sky
                                     to proclaim that my Love is nigh...