Saturday, April 30, 2016

Made in China

The cabbage rose looked so vibrant on the page that I leaned in to sniff it. 
   It did not smell like a white rose, 
      but I caught the scent of good ink and paper, how it filled my nose!
         Ink all the way from across the world: China. 

           Have you ever considered how exotic it is to buy even a trifle stamped
              made in China—that land of mystery?
                We tend to see it as a symbol of poor quality and wretched history—
                   But hold on a moment... Think of it: China!

                     You often hold things in your own hands that come from this country afar. 
                        Land of the Great Wall and mighty armies. 
                          Realm that introduced our world to creamy silk and various leafy teas. 
                            Glamourous kingdom rediscovered by Polo: China.

                              Next time you crinkle up your little nose at the cheap words made in China,
                                 think of how rich you are to hold a thing
                                   from a far-off land many have never touched, never their own eyes seen,
                                      but whose ancient greatness is a marvel: China! 

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