Monday, March 30, 2015

Lent Week 6: Under Zion's Palms

Under Zion's Palms
(Lent Week Six)

Week's first day
Streets thronging, full—
He waited outside 
The city gate
For the foal,
The donkey's colt,
To ride upon
Under Zion's palms

Snorting and shy
Came the beast,
A cloak upon
His unbroken back—
The Master mounted,
The people-sea parted,
A way prepared
Under Zion's palms

'Hosannas' rose up,
Palms waved high,
Garments spread down,
And men cried,
'Save us now!'
Blessing the King
Coming from God
Under Zion's palms

Angry Pharisees spat,
'Silence these men'
But He replied,
'The very stones
Would sing out
A mighty chorus
Were they silent
Under these palms'

Cresting a ledge,
He looked out
Over belovéd Zion—
There He wept
A bitter brine
Over a people
Blind in heart
Under those palms

In mere days
The very men
Who cried 'Hosanna!'
Would shout 'Crucify!'
He would die,
No cloak upon
His broken back,
Outside Zion's palms.

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