Monday, March 9, 2015

Lent Week 3: Seeing Eyes

Oculi: Round Opening, Eyes
(Lent Week Three)

Sin's darkness blinds--
Pit of despair
That sucks down
The heart, mind,
My very self,
Until I become
A shadow self
Under sin's grind

Something pulls me
To look up
From this hole--
Blind eyes see!
Climbing the darkness
Toward grey light,
Clawing upward, longing
To be free

Gasping, I spill
From the mouth
Of the abyss
My spine athrill--
My wavering self
A flickering shadow,
In and out,
And almost nil

There, before me
A mighty Lion
Blazes burnished gold--
Blind eyes see!
In His face
Love is bold,
By His wounds
I am free

His amber eyes
Burn the fire
Of bright sadness--
Sorrow His prize,
Pain His reward,
His life blood
Given in gladness,
Wounds to cauterise 

Lion of light
Illumines my eyes,
Enfleshes my shadow-self,
Scatters sin's night--
The Lamb slain,
Rising to life,
Is the Lion
Showing His might

Eyes open wide
At this mystery
Proclaimed long ago
And now descried--
In the once
And future King--
Lion-Lamb, Who
Calls me bride.

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