Friday, April 13, 2012

Cranberry Pumpkin Bread & Aprons

Preparing to Make Cranberry Pumpkin Bread...

First, one needs an apron. Thanks, Kasey!

Next, you mix together all of the ingredients...
And lick the bowl, of course. ;)

Finally, bake for an hour and eat with a pot of tea.

(Good tea, you know, not American tea.)


~ Johanna


  1. You are too cute Jody!!
    Oh, and we really need to chat soon because I miss you soooo much!! I had some troubles with my phone a month or so ago, and unfortunately I don't have your number anymore. :/ If you still have mine you should call me soon so I have your number again! and so we can talk! :)
    Ok, now that I've commented on your blog, yet said nothing about it, I should do that! :) That cranberry pumpkin bread looks amazing and I love your apron! :)
    Talk to you soon!!!

  2. Oh, and of course you should ALWAYS lick the bowl!! That's the best part! :D

    1. Agreed! And I have been thinking of you lots this week and last because IPS is here right now. I was hoping that somehow you could be here, but alas...
      My family is in town this week, but I would love to catch up after they leave. I still have your number, so I will give you a call. If you see a 317 number calling, it is me!

      <3 J

  3. The final product was quite tasty! Love your apron and also that I know know what your little kitchen actually looks like. Love you!

    1. Glad you liked it, Sarah! And I, too, am really glad that you now know what my kitchen actually looks like. ;) It was so fun to have you guys over! Love you!