Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lent Week 5: Judica—Veiling Sunday

Judica: Veiling Sunday
{Lent: Week Five}

Veiled, all veiled
around the sanctuary,
from the cross
to the icons,
to the spiritual
Body and Blood:
bread and wine

Veiled, all veiled
inside my self,
from my heart
 to my mind,
will, and emotions;
behind the mask
of "All's well!"

Veiled, all veiled
within the Disciples'
understanding and hearts—
the Master among
them as they
argue which of
them is greatest

Veiled, all veiled
in holiest Sanctuary,
a thick curtain
to separate man
from Holy God
because of sin—
a Sacrifice needed

Unveiled! Christ Unveiled!
Upon the mountain,
Behold His glory!
Upon the Cross,
Behold the Man...
Unto His mother,
Behold your Son...

Unto the world:
Behold the Lamb!

*This is the missing poem in a cycle of Lenten poems I wrote last year. All of the others were written on the Sundays of Lent (usually after church), but this one eluded me as I had a guest in town. It came to me today, and so I am adding it in to complete the collection.

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