Tuesday, December 15, 2015


"Why me?" I hear her moan;
"Why this broken mess?"
"Why am I all alone—
toiling daily, while he's free?"
"Why, why, why, God?"
"Why me?"

"Why me?" I look above;
"Why do You never quit?"
"Why do You love, love,
love me? You never flee,
You take delight...Why, God?"
"Why me?"

"Why me?" I hear her cry;
"Why all of my friends?"
"Why doesn't someone try
to love me in all my debris?"
"Will no man choose me, God?"
"Why me?"

"Why me?" I look around;
"Why his lavish love?"
"It overwhelms, astounds,
builds up, inspires, sets free."
"Why" I whisper, "Why, God?"
"Why me?"

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