Monday, February 23, 2015

Lent Week 1: Entrance

Introit: Entrance
(Lent Week One)

Chill and dank
Is my soul
—Emotions, mind, will—
Closed, under ground;
I'm hiding here
In my sin
Frustrated, and unsure
How to escape

Holy Doors barred,
Soul windows shuttered
In many here
Sitting on pews
Or kneeling down
Before the altar
In rote movements
Receiving bread & wine.

Ancient doors: Open!
Fling wide all
The heart gates
And enter in!
King of Glory,
Illumine what in
Me is dark—
Be my Liberty

Make me vulnerable
And free within,
Shining Your light
Into every crevice,
Making me resplendent.
I am incandescent,
Blazing with Your
Holiness, like starlight

Enter the universe
—Too small to
Fully hold You—
By entering me,
Tabernacle set apart,
Replete with You
In my body,
Soul, and spirit.

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