Monday, June 16, 2014

New Arrival: The Conciliar Post

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a website called the Conciliar Post. This blog is comprised of persons from various church traditions who have come together to discuss life, death, worship, art, books, personhood, education, work, orthodoxy, and their beliefs about various social and church issues. Several of the authors are personal friends from my Oxford experience. The articles–by and large–are well written, witty, and thoughtful. 

My favourite article to date is a piece by Stephen Sutherland about current trends in worship. He begins his post thus: "Certain modern expressions of Christianity exhibit a knack for appropriating, or producing cheap knockoffs of, current cultural trends. There’s money to be made from “Christian” music, movies, novels, comic books, mints, and others I likely have not heard of yet. Less materialistically (and less cynically) there is an opportunity to redeem various parts of their culture, although how abstract concepts of “art” or “entertainment” can be redeemed, and how fallen man, incapable of redeeming himself, could redeem something else, remains murky."

You may also note on the authors page that I have graciously been included in the council of writers for this venture. Though I feel a bit out of my league, I am grateful to be given the opportunity to write for a wider audience, to share the gift God has given me in a new venue. It is a challenge already for me to stick with a writing schedule, and I fear that writing may begin to feel like work rather than a creative outlet... But writing is work. When I sit down to type, I often look up three paragraphs later and find that an hour has disappeared. By the time the final sentence is in place, two or three hours may have run their course. Then comes the hard part: editing and hunting through the thesaurus to find just the right word for this or that sentence. The challenge is good and will help hone my ability to write–or so I fervently hope!

Back to the CP blog. If you are a word addict like I am, you may be wondering about the definition and etymology of the word 'conciliar'. Well, if you are truly a word addict, you already know these things. I am still a novice addict, so I had to do some research. Here is how founder, Ben Cabe, explains the name of the blog on the about page: 
Conciliar comes from the English word “council” (persons convened for deliberation) and Latin “consilium” (assembly, consultation). Historically, “conciliar” has been used in reference to the great ecumenical councils of the Christian tradition. In everyday language it designates a gathering of Christians for the purpose of serious reflection upon matters of theological importance. The name Conciliar Post designates this site as a place for serious and faithful dialogue about significant issues in our world.

Interested? Please head over the Conciliar Post website to read an article or two. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of topics, scholarship, and adroit writing presented.

~ Johanna


  1. Congratulations on this, Jody! The authors list on the site is impressive, indeed. :) I'm so happy to see that you are being recognized as having good, well expressed thoughts on important subjects. :)

    I'm sure you will rise to the challenge of writing regularly! I do wish someone would force me to. ;)

    1. Noelle!

      I'm obviously not so hot about replying to comments or making phone calls, as evidenced by how long it has taken me to reply to your comment. Thank you for your encouragement and affirmation, that means a lot to me.

      The author list on CP *is* rather decent, I'm just thankful they have let me join them. You would be welcomed to become an author or guest contributor if you really want a writing schedule. :) You can e-mail Jake Prahlow (jake[at]conciliarpost[dot]com) if you are interested.

      Love and miss you, friend!
      ~ Jody