Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love Will Have the Final Word: Jason Gray

When Jason Gray's ‘Love Will Have the Final Word’ came out, I had been listening to his previous album ‘A Way to See in the Dark’ on constant replay for about a month. I didn't think any other set of songs could really express my own steps in life better than that record… I was wrong.

When the song ‘Not Right Now’ came on, all I could do was sit there with wet eyes and a raw heart. Finally, someone who understood that Christians need to grieve. Not every song or story ends happily or quite the way we might want. Oh, God’s story ends better than the beginning – of that I am firmly convinced… Just, our stories have loss and pain and we don’t need happy-go-lucky pat answers. We need a place to grieve. We sometimes need our friends to shut up and sit down in the ashes with us.

Every song on the new album expressed the reality of brokenness, the depth of re-creation, the aching need for real friendship, and much, much more. I have never heard such a real, painful, hopeful set of songs that express the fall and redemption so powerfully and beautifully. 

~ Johanna

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