Thursday, October 24, 2013


Do you ever find that the answer to "Why all of this, God?" is, "I am Good." It is not "I am God" - though in another way it is that, too. But His answer is "I am Good." 

And He is.

He is good, whether or not the situation changes. He is good, when the heart of a man is slow to change, and all we feel is the tension. He is good when cancer is not cured, or the car crash happens. He is good when He holds us in the midst of searing pain, though He may not remove us, or it. 

God's goodness is not trite. And often pain, sorrow, suffering, and loss are felt more intensely in the midst of knowing just how good God is. Yet it is His goodness that brings Him to walk with us now through the valley of the shadow, through anger, through disappointment, through realising we do not have what it takes to be this or that. We do not have a God Who suffered with us, but a God Who suffers with us, present tense. That is Good. That is God. And that is why.

~ Johanna


  1. Thank you for the reminder. While I will tell anyone that I'm "living the dream" here in Tanzania (and I am!), there have been a lot of days where I have desperately asked "why" since moving here in June. But you are so right, He is 100% good, 100% of the time!

  2. Wish I could hug both of you friends right now. ;)

    Abby, isn't it amazing that even in the midst of "living the dream" we have such hard, intensely [fallen] human days? Whether by our own choosing, or circumstances... So glad that God is the Lord, and that He is Good even through those days.

    Love you both!
    ~ j