Sunday, October 23, 2011

And We Are Filled With Joy...

The LORD has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy.

~ Psalm 126:3 (NiV)

What has the LORD done for you today that has filled you with joy?

Here is my list from the weekend:
  • Good Summit friends from across the country converging in Colorado
  • Sunset in Estes Park over jagged, snow-capped peaks across a still lake
  • Bouldering with awesome friends
  • Photo shoots
  • RED maple trees at Celestial Seasonings factory, and all around Boulder in general
  • Extreme yellow cottonwood-type trees along the river
  • Good chilli at Snarf's sammich shop
  • Fantastic conversations
  • Fun and hoopla @ the Stonestreet's
  • Laughing so hard that we cried @ Savannah's awesome stories
  • Really, really good food - especially avocados
  • Reading/Finishing Perelandra
  • Good hymns and service at St. George's this morning + Middle School FUSE ;)
  • Phone calls from good friends needing a listening ear and advice (and the same friends giving good advice and exhibiting humility)
  • Amazing cups of tea with cream and sugar
  • Liverwurst sammiches w/avocados
  • John Michael Talbot and Michael Card music to chill out with in the evening
  • Time to write letters
  • A heated blanket on my comfy bed, and just having a bed!
  • My car running like a champion through the Mountains and the Beautiful drive to/through Estes Park (and the moosen we saw in the woodsen!)
  • Fun hikes and lovely walks
  • Cold nights with clear skies and no moon; perfect for viewing the stars
  • My friends Joseph and Edna who always bless me with good conversation and sweet, unlooked-for gifts
  • Considering and mulling over the fact that at a literal point in history, God wasn't a man and that at one specific time He set aside His rightful glory and splendour to be clothed in flesh to share man's smudge and smell
  • Psalm 126 (check out the end after the above verse... Soooo good!)

Ah! And there is a new week ahead to gather more realisations that God has done great things for us...
...And I am filled with joy!

~ Johanna