Saturday, December 11, 2010

Somthing like a Fairytale

It is December. When did that happen?

I suppose it's time to refresh my blog to reflect all of the changes that are happening in my life. A map in the background is fitting. Until now my life has been charted; from here on out it will continue to be recorded in scribblings of ink. The jottings of words, the ink of photos - colours vibrant, some, shades of grey - will certainly be used to capture whatever is left of my time on this rolling sphere.

A map is apropos in other ways, as well. I'm about to make my first venture out of the country. I am glad that my first passport usage will be to England rather than some other part of the American continent.

Yes, the winds of change have blown away frustrating and confusing relationships, the routine of life, and have brought more favourable opportunities. Or perhaps I should say, the One behind the wind has done this. In the span of four days I went from, "This is my pretty chill Colorado life" to, "I'm going to Oxford!"

The story is one for fairytales or those books where you think, "Yeah, too bad that doesn't happen in real life." An anonymous donor offers to send the house-cleaning girl to Oxford. The folks in Oxford make an exception for the girl's lack of college credit. The girl is shocked (of course, who wouldn't be?). She buys a plane ticket to England. The mother of the girl has a friend who offers to purchase a computer for the girl. And then reality hits, the stacks of books grow and time shrinks. The girl has to learn how to manage time well (after many mishaps) and gets to know the Maker of the Story better in the process.

At least, that's the rough sketch. It really is a fantastic story. I wouldn't believe it... If it hadn't happened to me. The stack of books certainly is real. The plane ticket truly is purchased. The adventure has only just begun. I cannot wait to read this entry in 5 months knowing what I know then, rather than knowing what I know now.

Yet I'm glad to be here now... Glad to be in the state of awe and praise to the Author of a story so incredible it must be real life. My life. I think I shall muse on this and turn out the light on yet another wonderful day.

~ Johanna


  1. what, Jody??? do tell? you need to reply to that letter ;) haha, I love you! and this sounds rather intriguing and exciting! God bless you on the journey only He has for you! Love you lots!

  2. Ruth Ann! Haha, replying to that letter is brilliant... Now to fabricate more time in each day. Gotta figure that one out.

    I have MUCH reading to do before I arrive in Oxford (January 1) and MUCH MORE after that! ;) So, I will write to you, just not sure when.

    Love to you!
    ~ Jody

  3. so Jody, if you ever figure out how to fabricate more time in each day, you WILL share that solution with me, won't you? ;)

    sounds like you have quite the requirements to do, so I shall let you get back to your reading. I wish my life was slow enough to read. ha! maybe one day I can just enjoy a book.

    I love you! {hugs{ (from across the miles)

  4. Well... I may share that info. It may be one of those things each individual as to work for on his own.

    As for reading... It never does "just happen" unless you specifically plan for it. ;)

    Love back!
    ~ Jody

  5. I love you Jody! you're so real...and true! Ahh, now to work on those necessary things! *sigh*

    *hugs back* =)

  6. Jody! How exciting for you!! I'm excited for you!
    Oh, and I miss you too!