Saturday, July 10, 2010

The best things in life...

...Are learned, not bought.

New spark plugs (1st change in 104,000 mi), new oil and filtre = less than $50.

Being able to change the spark plugs and oil = priceless. Thanks Dad!
New windshield wipers and a replacement headlight for the cracked one, then TN and CO here I come!


  1. Woohooo!! Nice work, Jody!

    Hope my letter made it out there before you take off for the wild blue yonder... will you be updating us on here?

  2. Noelle! Yes, your letter made it here, as did Autumn's. I greatly enjoyed both.

    Haha, I thought of you and another chica car-buddy when I was working on my car. :) Good thing I had my dad's muscle and knowledge of spark plugs to guide me - I couldn't have changed the back plugs.

    I will put the Summit TN address/info up here before I head out early Thursday AM. ;) No worries!

  3. Heya Jody! I found your blog from Abby's:) That is awesome that you worked on your vehicle a bit, I'm so very challenged when it comes to such things! ;)